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Ban Ni Yi Cheng




【美文诵读】第68课: paris, a romantic capital 浪漫之都  

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Ah, beautiful Paris. For centuries this city has attracted the admiration of the world.The allure and charm of Paris captivate all who visit there.

Where can you discover the charm of Paris for yourself? Is it in the legacy of all the Fre”nch rulers whoworked to beautify their beloved city? Is it in the famous castles, palaces, statues and monuments, such as the Eiffel Tower? Can you find it in the world-class museums, such as the Louvre? Perhaps Paris’ allure lies in the zest and style of the Parisians.

When you visit Paris, you don’t have to spend all of your time visiting museums and monuments. They are certainly worthy of your time, but ignore them for a day. First take some time to look around and experience life in Paris. You’ll find it charming.

Take a stroll along the Seine River. Browse through the art vendors’ colorful paintings. Peek through delicate iron gates at the well-kept gardens. Watch closely for the French attention to detail that has made France synonymous with good taste. You will see it in the design of a doorway or arch and in the little fountains and quaint balconies. No matter where you look, you will find everyday objects transformed into works by art.

Spend some time in a quiet park relaxing on an old bench. Lie on your back on the green grass. When you need refreshment, try coffee and pastries at a sidewalk cafe.

Strike up a conversation with a Parisian. This isn’t always easy, though. With such a large internationalpopulation living in Paris, true natives are hard to find these days.

As evening comes to Paris, enchantment rises with the mist over the riverfront. You may hear music from anoutdoor concert nearby: classical, jaz, opera or chansons, those French folk songs. Parisians love their music. The starry sky is their auditorium. You can also hear concerts in the chateaux and cathedrals. In Paris the Music never ends.

Don’t miss the highlight of Paris evening: eating out. Parisians are proud of their cuisine. And rightly so; it’s world famous. Gourmet dining is one of the indispensable joys of living. You need a special guidebook to help you choose one of the hundreds of excellent restaurants. The capital of France boasts every regional specialty, cheese and wine the country has to offer. If you don’t know what to order, ask for the suggested menu.The chef likes to showcase his best dishes there. Remember, you haven’t tasted the true flavor of France until you’ve dined at a French restaurant in Paris.

After your gourmet dinner, take a walking tour of the floodlit monuments. Cross the Pont Neuf, the oldest bridge in the city, to the Ile de la Cite. The most famous landmark of Paris looms up in front of you: theNotre Dame Cathedral (Cathedral of Our Lady). Stand in the square in front of the cathedral. Here, you arestanding in the center of France. All distances are measured from the front of Notre Dame. Every road in France leads to her front door. All French kings and leaders have journeyed here to commemorate important occasions and give thanks. Notre Dame is the heart of Paris and the heart of France.

Your visit in Paris has only just begun. You’ve just started to discover the charm of this old city. May the rest of your journey be unforgettable. When it is time to leave, you will go reluctantly. You will saywith the French, “A bientot, Paris, a bientot!”(See you again soon, Paris!)



沿着塞纳河散散步。沿途浏览一下卖美术作品人们色彩缤纷的绘画,透过那些精致的铁门,可以瞥见里面精心照看的花园。仔细留心法国人对于细节的独具匠心,这使得法国成为高 雅品位的代名词。而这些在门廊或拱门以及小巧的喷泉和奇妙的阳台的设计上就可见一斑。无论你向哪里看,你都会发现曰常物品都已变成了艺术品。


傍晚来临之时,随着河岸上升起的雾气,巴黎的魅力也随之而起。你会听到附近露天音乐会所演奏的乐曲:古典乐、爵士乐、歌剧或是香颂即法国的民畋。巴黎人热爱自己的音乐。繁星点缀的天空,就是他们演奏的大礼堂。你也可以在城堡或教 堂里聆听音乐会。在巴黎,音乐是从不会止息的。


在你的晚餐美食之后,可以到一片灯海照耀的纪念碑走一趟。穿过“第九桥”(此城市中最古老的桥),到达“城市之岛”。巴黎最有名的标志性建筑就隐约地呈现在你面前:圣母院。站在教堂前面的广场,在这里,你即处于法国的正中心。所有的距离皆是以圣母院前门开始测算的。法国的每一条道路都通往它 的前门。法国所有的国王和统治者都曾经到此来纪念重要的节曰或表示感恩。圣母院是巴黎的中心,也是法国的中心。


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